How to win with comfortable shoes at Melbourne Cup 2017!

How to win with comfortable shoes at Melbourne Cup 2017!

The race to Melbourne Cup 2017 is almost here and you know what that means ladies! Beautiful outfits, stunning fascinators and really sore feet by the end of the day. You can almost anticipate yourself taking your shoes off at some point and can accept that you may get some blisters. But it doesn’t stop there. High heels bring with them the risk of ankle sprains, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, general forefoot pain and bunions over time. So what should you look for when you have to look your best and wear those heels? Sole Motion talks picking the best heeled shoes to care for your feet and minimising the damage – before it’s too late! Here’s what to look for:


Look at the heel height vs. toe height

Even if a shoe has a very high heel, it may not have as much of an impact on your feet if the area beneath the toes is built up too. This is starting to be more common as shoemakers want to add more comfort to very high looking heels. Check the height between the toes and heels – the closer you can get it to less than a 40mm difference, the less pressure and pain you’ll get from wearing them.


The perfect fit

If at any point during your shoe purchase did you use the sentences “Yeah they’re a bit tight but I’ll wear them in and stretch them out” or “they’re a bit big but I’ll just add some heel cushions and they should be fine” then put down the shoes, and walk away. You get one pair of feet and the damage you do to your feet you’ll be able to feel at every step until they heal – so don’t compromise in looking after your feet! Only get the right size. When looking at the size, check the size from the heel to the ball of the foot If they don’t have your size then it’s simply not meant to be. Your current and future self will thank you – we promise.


Good space for the toes – but not too loose

Thankfully for your feet, pointed-toe shoes are now becoming much less common than they used to be and rounded or open-toed shoes seem to be taking the lead. Giving your toes as much room as possible reduces rubbing and painful blisters, as well as changes to the shape of your forefoot. A large contributing cause of bunions is tight footwear over time that squash your toes together. Opting for a version that let’s your toes breathe not only mean more comfort and less pain but also more stability as when feeling unstable, you use your toes to splay and grip the ground to help balance. Just make sure the space in the forefoot isn’t too loose – this will encourage the foot to slide forward in the shoe and place much more strain on the forefoot.


There’s no substitute for quality materials

There’s a lot more to quality materials than the look. Make sure the material you choose will work with your foot and stretch out to fit your foot after it’s worn in. Unfortunately with such a large variety of cheaper, plastic-based shoes and materials, it’s not uncommon to find many shoes rigidly working against you and not with your feet. Look for thicker, softer cushioning at the under the ball of your foot and heel. Leather is always a good start for an outer material – don’t be afraid to ask the sales assistant about the materials they have and how they work with your feet!


Check the width – through the centre of the shoe and the heel base itself

The narrower and thinner the base of the heel (think stilettos), the less surface area is in contact with the ground and hence less stable the shoe will be – and you in it. Thicker heels and wedges will give you more stability and reduce your risk of losing balance and spraining your ankle – as well as sinking down into the grass at the races! The width through the middle of the shoe itself is also important – and the wider the better. Greater width means more contouring and support through the arch, creating a much more comfortable and safer day for you.


See your Podiatrist

If you’re unsure or need the advice tailored to your feet, come in and see us at Sole Motion Podiatry. We’re here to keep you on your feet, healthy and happy. Our team are experts on footwear, the feet and legs, and how they work together to help you smash your goals and keep you going day after day. Keep your feet comfortable and safe – and have a great time at the Melbourne Cup!

– Justin and the Sole Motion team

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