Treating Ingrown Toenails Without Surgery Or Pain

Treating Ingrown Toenails Without Surgery Or Pain

Here at Sole Motion Podiatry in Sanctuary Lakes, we’re proud to be offering a solution for ingrown toenails that isn’t your typical nail surgery or cutting down into the side of the nail. While we also offer these ‘traditional’ treatments, after seeing hundreds of patients every year at all ages with very painful and often infected ingrown toenails, we quickly realised that ‘cutting down’ into the nail wasn’t tolerated by everyone – and neither was injecting anaesthetic. So what’s our painless, non-invasive and surgery-free solution?


Instead of cutting away some of the nail, we straighten it. 

Without using needles, scalpels or other sharp instruments, we apply a clear ‘strip’ to your nail using special adhesive. This strip is actually the brace – though it’s hardly noticeable to a regular passer-by, and you can even apply polish over it.

The brace works by very gradually contracting and straightening over the next weeks, lifting the nail edges away from the sides and into a straighter and hassle-free position. 

Don’t worry – it doesn’t take weeks to feel relief. Many people can notice relief after the first 30 minutes! Check out the results:

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The procedure is simple

Applying your brace is really simple. We start by measuring the right size brace for your nail, then using a magnetic applicator to keep the brace steady while we apply the adhesive, and applying it to your nail, holding it in place for just ten seconds. We then apply a sealant over the top of the brace, and you’re ready to go! The procedure takes just 15 minutes (at most) to apply.

As your nail grows out, we will need to reapply the brace depending on how curved (‘involuted’) your toenail is. On average, we’ll apply it x to x times to straighten the nail. 

Check out the application process here:

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What’s the alternative?

As the BS brace is a permanent ingrown toenail correction, the only other widely-used alternative is a minor surgery called a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA). Here, we remove the side of your toenail that is growing downwards under local anaesthetic.

This procedure is also effective, though does require dressing changes and a recovery period for 2-8 weeks afterwards. While we’ve been performing this surgery for years, we’re proud to offer an alternative that is safe, minimally invasive and has no risk of infection or other complications associated with any invasive procedures.


Frequently asked questions

Are there any side effects to treating ingrown toenails with the brace?

The brace has been used for 30 years and there are no reported allergies or side effects. This is likely because the brace does not come in contact with the skin itself, but just the nail.

Will the brace catch on my socks or stockings?

No, it shouldn’t. The brace is extremely flat, smooth and soft. There should not be any sharp or rough edges for it to catch. We also apply a clear sealant over it, and you can paint over it with polish.


How long does the brace take to work?

Many people will start experiencing relief after 30 minutes. If you have a thick, hard nail, it may take up to three days. 


How long does the brace work for?

The tension that lifts the sides of the nails will work for approximately 4 weeks, after which time the brace can be re-applied until the desired level of ‘straightening’ is achieved.


What kinds of nails does the brace work on?

The brace will work on any curved (‘involuted’) nail, regardless of whether it has progressed to an ingrown toenail or it’s on the way. The nail can have one or both sides curved inwards, the brace will still be effective.


Do I have to do anything special after the brace is applied?

No! You can put your shoes on or jump in the pool as soon as the top sealant coat is dry, which is usually 5 minutes after the application. This means you’re good to go as soon as you’ve left our clinic!


Ready to have your ingrown or curved toenails finally sorted?

Getting the brace treatment starts with a consultation with our podiatry team to make sure that the brace is the best option for you. You can do this by calling us on 1300-FX-FEET or booking online here.

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