Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatry

Whether you’re a casual Sunday afternoon cricketer or a competitive AFL Athlete, injuries happen. What’s important is how you treat them. That’s where we come in

Our specialisation in sports medicine means you get out of pain and return to the game faster. We don’t just provide effective and timely care for your injuries, we work to reduce your likelihood of re-injury in the future so you stay happy, healthy and at the top of your game.

We do this through our comprehensive assessments of your feet, legs, and their biomechanical function when they work together to keep you moving. This information is combined with our extensive knowledge of the demands of different sports on the body, and the loads and stresses you encounter when you’re on the field, track or court. This allows us to identify any weaknesses that place you at a higher risk of injury, and implement a plan to help prevent injury before it occurs.

Our approach to treating sports injuries is similarly centred towards the future. Because injuries weaken the affected muscles, joints, tissues and often those surrounding them too, we ensure that your injury not only heals well but that you regain full functional capacity. This is why strengthening is an important part of your treatment and also why when not done properly, many people go on to injure the same weakened area multiple times.

Treating sports injuries may include

  • Joint mobilisation
  • Sports taping
  • Laser therapy and/or neurostimulation for improved healing and repair
  • Evaluating footwear to ensure it is helping and not hindering injury and performance
  • Video gait analysis to assess lower limb functional patterns
  • Movement assessments to determine potential risk factors and reduce future injury
  • Orthotics to help control lower limb function and facilitate healing
  • Referrals for imaging studies where necessary and to other allied health specialists for further investigations

Sports injuries include

  • Sports-related lower back pain
  • Heel pain or plantar fasciitis/heel spurs
  • Ankle sprains
  • Forefoot injuries
  • Hip, knee or shin pain
  • Achilles tendon and calf issues


You don’t need a referral to come and see our team. Our holistic and multidisciplinary approach to healthcare means we refer to and work alongside with other health professionals where it will produce the best outcomes for your specific injury.