Permanent Ingrown Toenail Correction Without The Surgery: The Superior Solution

Permanent Ingrown Toenail Correction Without The Surgery: The Superior Solution



  • Get painful, recurring ingrown toenails?
  • Been told that surgery is your best option but want a second opinion?
  • Can’t have the surgery because you have diabetes, circulatory problems or other problems?
  • Don’t want to risk picking up an infection? 
  • Don’t want a painful, lengthy recovery?
  • Worried about the resulting appearance of your toenail after the procedure?

ingrown-toenailIf you’ve got ingrown toenails but are put off taking action because of the idea of a minor surgery to correct it, you don’t want to risk your toenail forever looking odd, or you’ve been deemed unsuitable for the surgery like a number of our patients, today we’re excited to be sharing the BS Brace treatment for ingrown, pinched and involuted toenails with you. 

If you’re short on time, what you need to know that this is a translucent (read: barely noticeable) brace that is applied painlessly to the top of the problematic nail by podiatrists that have undergone training in using this device – which we’re proud to be. It both gives you relief from your painful symptoms, and works to change the shape of your toenail from one that is pinched or angles down into the side of your toe, to one that is flatter. There is no bleeding, no surgery, no recovery downtime and no risk of infection from the brace itself.


Nail Surgery: The Traditional Approach 

Ingrown toenail surgery, in the form of a partial nail avulsion, has been a staple of most podiatry clinics, including ours, for quite some time. Previously, it was the only permanent solution for recurring ingrown toenails which worked by surgically removing a small portion at the end of the nail, where the painful in-growing nail spicule would be. Next, a chemical would be applied to this area to destroy the nail growing cells to stop their regrowth. From here, the nail is dressed, and it’s time to let it heal – which can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.


Not Everyone Is Eligible For Ingrown Toenail Surgery – Or Wants To Bear The Risks

While effective, this procedure wasn’t suitable for a number of our patients, particularly those that have difficulties with healing or have a higher risk of infection – like those with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or other circulatory problems, those on certain medications like warfarin, pregnant women that don’t want to risk infection, those that are worried about the resulting cosmetic appearance of their toenail after the procedure, and more.

This is exactly why when we first learnt about the BS Brace and the results that it was delivering worldwide, we knew we needed to be able to offer it to our patients. It has now been over two years since we first introduced this system, and since then it’s helped hundreds of our patients get permanent relief from their painful ingrown toenails without the need for surgery. 


BS Brace: How It Works

The brace itself is made from fibreglass in Germany, first designed over 30 years ago. It works using a spring tension system, using the principles of pressure and counter-pressure. The brace itself is carefully mounted onto your toenail by our team using a magnetic applicator, careful measurements and a sealant so that it stays firmly in place. It gets to work straight away and progressively draws in to slowly lift the nail ends out from deep beneath the skin where you can’t see, and into a flatter, healthier nail shape that isn’t prone to growing into the skin. 




The straightening process happens so seamlessly that you barely notice it – which is why we recommend taking photos – but what you do notice is that final relief from painful pressure, which starts from approximately 30 minutes after the application of the brace. Throughout the process, your nail keeps growing as normal – except now, instead of growing down into the sides and piercing the skin, it grows out flat and retains that shape.

The tension that lifts the sides of the nails will work for approximately four weeks, after which time the brace can be re-applied until the desired level of ‘straightening’ is achieved.



I’ve heard that braces can be painful?

True – but not this one. What you’ve heard about is the wire braces that are inserted beneath the toenail, rather painfully, hooking around the nail plate, and causing more pain than relief initially. Thankfully, we have long outlived these days – or at least we hope the profession has! 


I have diabetes or bad circulation. Is the brace safe for me?

Yes! Safety is one of the brilliant features of this treatment, and it’s regarded highly worldwide. To better explain, one of the reasons that surgeries and other invasive treatments are not suitable for those with diabetes or circulatory problems is because your ability to heal wounds effectively and prevent or fight off infection is compromised by problems with blood flow (diabetes also damages the blood vessels causing circulation problems). This makes you vulnerable to complications throughout your recovery and puts your health at risk. There is nothing invasive about the BS brace and it doesn’t penetrate the skin, meaning you don’t have those concerns.


If you’re still weighing up whether the brace is a goer for you, remember:


  • The brace has been used for 30 years and there are no reported allergies or side effects. This is likely because the brace does not come in contact with the skin itself, but just the nail
  • The brace is extremely flat, smooth and soft. There should not be any sharp or rough edges for it to catch on anything like your socks or stockings. We also apply a clear sealant over it, and you can paint over it with polish
  • Many people will start experiencing relief after 30 minutes. If you have a thick, hard nail, it may take up to three days
  • The brace will work on any curved (‘involuted’) nail, regardless of whether it has progressed to an ingrown toenail or it’s on the way. The nail can have one or both sides curved inwards, the brace will still be effective
  • There is no ‘downtime’ and you don’t need to take any special care after the brace has been applied as it has been sealed completely once the sealant is dry, about 5 minutes after application


We get it, ingrown toenails are frustrating…

And that’s precisely why we have this system in our clinic – for simple, hassle-free pain and problem relief without the scalpels, risk or side effects. If you’re unsure which ingrown toenail treatment is best for you, you’re welcome to come in and chat to our podiatrists, who will discuss all your options and assess your suitability and results with each.


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