Melbourne: Are You About To Lose Your 2020 Private Health Podiatry Benefits?

Melbourne: Are You About To Lose Your 2020 Private Health Podiatry Benefits?

3Let’s face it, with the year we’ve had, making sure that we use our private health fund extras – and having the opportunity to do so – has been one of the last things on everyone’s mind here in Melbourne. 


Nonetheless, you’ve continued to pay for it – and now you have less than two months before many private health funds will roll over at the end of the calendar year and you’ll lose your extras benefits.


Claiming orthotics using your podiatry cover

Under most health funds, you are entitled to claim on one pair of orthotics every year. For many of our patients, this comes in very handy if they already have orthotics and are currently having to move them from shoe to shoe, whenever they choose to wear a different pair of orthotic-friendly shoes.


2Others have a specific pair of shoes they’d like their orthotics custom-made and fitted to that their current orthotics aren’t suited to, like slim sandals, workboots, narrow soccer shoes, ski boots, and more.


If you’ve never had orthotics before but have been wondering whether they can help improve your comfort on your feet, our team can help by conducting a comprehensive biomechanical assessment and seeing whether you could benefit from orthotics – or not. Unlike other clinics, we have a firm belief here at Sole Motion Podiatry in only implementing treatments that are likely to make improve your foot health, reduce your pain or improve your quality of life – so we never prescribe orthotics without a cause.


Other services you can claim your podiatry rebate for


1. Concerns about the changing shape or appearance of your feet or toes

If you’re worried about a bunion that is starting to develop, toes that seem bent out of shape or other changes, with or without any pain, we can help.


2. Flat feet or high arches

We help keep flat and high arched feet best supported to manage any existing pains or aches, or work to reduce the likelihood of them developing in the future.


3. Heel and arch pain, including heel spurs

Heel pain is one of our specialities here at Sole Motion. We help you get relief from your current symptoms and implement a tailored management plan to reduce the likelihood of them recurring in the future.


4. Nerve entrapments

Burning, tingling, pins and needles, numbness and radiating foot pain are signs that there may be a problem with the nerves, including an entrapment. Nerves can become entrapped or compressed when they’re wedged between two structures, or when swelling from another problem pushes on the nerve.


5. Degeneration and arthritic changes in the joints of the foot and ankle

When your joints have been affected by arthritis or have degenerated following injury, walking and mobility can become difficult and painful, affecting your independence and quality of life. We can help improve foot pain and comfort, and keep you on your feet for as long as possible.


6. Skin and nail conditions

Our podiatrists can give you relief in just one appointment from painful problems including ingrown toenails, corns, warts, cracked heels and calluses. 


7. Falls prevention strategies

If you’re worried about having a fall due to any balance or coordination issues, or weakness or inflexibility around the ankle, we can help you feel more stable, safe and comfortable on your feet.


8. Trauma: including fractures, dislocations, muscle strains and tears

If you’ve had a painful injury, whether it’s to a bone, joint, muscle, ligament or other soft tissue, we can help you recover effectively and in an optimal timeframe. 


9. Annual foot health checks

Regularly monitoring your foot health with annual appointments can help you stay on top of any problems before they start. Whether you have any concerns or medical conditions like diabetes that make you more vulnerable to problems, we can help keep your foot health as a top priority.


10. Moon boots, braces, props and splints

If you need one, your private health fund can also help pay for any moon boots, braces, props, splints and other devices needed to help you recover or promote your foot health.


How much will my private health fund cover?

This depends entirely on your level of cover and your extras policy, so it’s always best to check with your specific health fund if you’re unsure. If you give us a call, we can give you the item codes you need to know how much will be covered, and if there will be any gap payment remaining.


Most of the patients we see have a level of cover of 80% or higher, though we’ve seen this vary between 30% and 100%.


Secure your appointment over the busy holiday season now

We’re booking up quickly for the holiday season, so book your appointment now with our experienced podiatry team before the end of December to claim your rebate before it expires for the year. Call us on 1300-FX-FEET or book your appointment online here.


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