Laser Treatment For Pain & Injury – Does It Produce Real Results?

Laser Treatment For Pain & Injury – Does It Produce Real Results?


Knee-Injury_630x410If you’ve been following us on social media, or have visited the clinic, you may already know that we are BIG fans of laser treatment – otherwise known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

As attendees of multiple other healthcare professions and clinics, as well as consumers of products, we completely understand the need to be skeptical when a product comes out and says that it will help reduce your pain and improve the rate at which your injury heals. We feel exactly the same way about a number of products and services – it’s sensible and smart to get the real facts and not buy into something based on hope alone.

So today, we thought we’d shed the light on laser treatment for those that may be skeptical, and share with you why we choose to keep this service in our clinic, and talk about it the way we do. Starting with…


1. The Facts

The best place to start when evaluating any medical product and service is the research. What have studies and clinical trials shown when it comes to testing the effectiveness and other claims of a product?

If we look at the evidence around low-level laser treatment, we can see that it has been proven to reduce pain for a number of musculoskeletal acute and chronic injuries and conditions. There have been hundreds of studies done to confirm this, and laser is now being used extensively around the world in a variety of clinical and professional settings. For the army and navy, to the rehabilitation of world-level athletes, to helping your average person with their osteoarthritic pain.

We were naturally skeptical too when we first came across this technology many years ago, but after examining the evidence ourselves and then seeing the results from our patients, it was the best decision we could have made in terms of getting the best outcomes for our patients.

You can view many abstracts for this research specific to the very laser we offer here:


2. The Feedback

The next place to start is to look at the results that we have been seeing every day for our patients. What we can tell you is that they have been fantastic, for the young and old alike. Whether it’s a new injury, one that has become more painful and arthritic over the years, or a condition that has taken its toll on the body over 80 years, we’re seeing great results.


But how do we define ‘great’?

For someone that is fit, healthy and have sustained a painful injury, it means getting them effectively recovered, with no long-term consequences, and back to doing the things they love in 60% of the time that it would normally take. For others that have developed painful osteoarthritic joints over decades, it can mean being able to lower their day-to-day pain by 30%. While it may not alleviate all their pain, being able to significantly reduce it can actually make such a large difference in their daily lives and daily activities, and that’s definitely something that we don’t take for granted.


And as for confirming our results?

Whether it’s on our Facebook or Instagram, we have hundreds of patients happy to comment on what a great treatment it is and how it has helped them. Very honestly, we would never promote or rave about a service that wasn’t working. That’s not why we became health professionals – and it’s not a smart or sustainable business model, either. We do it because it works. For further insight into the results that we achieve with laser therapy, watch this feedback from a patient:

3. The Science-Based Workings of Laser Treatment

Finally, there’s the science behind laser. If you actually look at how it works, and understand the biological and chemical processes, then it makes sense. Here is a great video on the way that LLLT affects the cells in your body and the effects it produces in result:


We love talking about LLLT and answering questions!

If you’re unsure if LLLT is right for you, can help your problem or pain, or feel uncertain about trying it, we absolutely recommend that you get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to assess your suitability for this treatment, explain the workings and the treatment process in a way that is specific to the problem you’re experiencing, and answer any other questions you may have.


You can give us a call on 1300-FX-FEET, send us a message via messenger, or book an appointment to chat. All we can say is that we very genuinely do recommend this treatment as it has helped so many of our patients

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