Keep Dad’s Feet Happy This Father’s Day!

Keep Dad’s Feet Happy This Father’s Day!


It’s almost that time of the year again – the time when many of us will honour our incredible dad’s that have shaped us into the wise men and women that we are today. The man that not only means the world to us now as adults, but that changed countless nappies, cooked countless meals (or at least tried to – good one, dad) and rocked us many a time to sleep. And with all those years of running around after us, not to mention working hard for us and our families, has come a LOT of strain on dad’s feet! So we thought we’d share some gift ideas for dad this Father’s Day to help him look after his feet and help keep him on the go, enjoying his time with his grandkids and keeping active on the golf course – or whatever things your dad loves!


1. Good shoes to protect his feet

Take dad shopping at your local shoe store and treat him to a pair of shoes that’ll help him feel comfortable and supported on his feet! For joggers, we recommend The Running Company (Yarraville) or the Happy Shoe Shop (Geelong) as a great start. If he already has a new pair of joggers, why not get some comfortable slippers for around the house (think ShoeX in Werribee or Hicks Shoes in Altona), or shoes for the garden (if that’s what dad enjoys!) to protect his feet from cuts and scratches that he’d otherwise get from rocking his thongs. As we get older, it becomes more and more important to wear good shoes that help us keep going and feeling good.


2. Compression socks and stockings

If your dad has any heart problems, venous insufficiency or deep vein thrombosis (DVT), then these are well worth trying for him. As we grow older, the walls of our veins stretch and the valves in the veins can wear out. The valves normally open as blood flows toward the heart, and close to keep blood from moving back down toward the feet. Worn out valves can cause the blood to pool in the legs, meaning they’ll feel tired, can ache, and the ankles may swell. Broken valves may also create varicose veins—large, bulging purple veins just under the surface of the skin. Compression stockings help prevent this from happening and improve circulation in the legs.


3. Recliner/Footstool

Similar to the above, if you want to splash out and help dad’s feet, why not look at getting him a recliner that allows him to put his feet up, sit back and relax. As well as being comfortable, it can also help reduce swelling and the build-up of fluid in the legs. Just think about how you’re advised to elevate your feet immediately after an injury to help reduce the swelling – same principle. The less swollen your legs, the less likely they are to feel tired and achy. Alternatively, a comfy footstool will also do the trick!


4. Subscription for a physical activity he enjoys

If your dad still enjoys getting outdoors, why not get him a subscription for an activity he enjoys that’ll help keep him fit and healthy. If your mind immediately flashes to the many gym memberships that you (or your significant other) haven’t made the most of in the years prior, pop a date in the diary for the two of you to do the activity together on a regular basis – weekly or fortnightly. The research shows that you’re much more likely to stick to an activity, particularly if it involves exercise, if you have someone doing it with you! It could be as simple as a golf club membership, or for a free alternative, try the Point Cook Walking Group!


5. An appointment to see a Podiatrist

If dad has any pains with his feet or legs, then coming to see a Podiatrist will be a fantastic gift. Our team at Sole Motion can help with everything from painful corns and callus, to muscular pains and can even reduce arthritic pain. Just give us a call and book in!


Finally, if all else fails, give dad a foot massage (or assign the kids to!) and give him a little circulation boost. More than anything, we hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day and spend some great quality time with your family. We know we will be!


  • Justin & the team at Sole Motion Podiatry

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