Exercise Prescription


Exercise Prescription Physitrack

This mobile technology is to help you get better through regular monitoring of exercises and the ability to track your progress and hold you accountable – Like a Coach in your pocket! These simple exercises can be done in the comfort of your won home but will be tailored to your specific condition. Whether it’s a workplace injury or sports injury that you are recovery from, this simple easy to use app will keep you on track for a better rate of recovery. Keeping motivated and on track with your programme is hard and many people fail to do their exercises daily or even correctly. Physitrack solves this problem so you get better, faster.

You will receive your programme in images and video on your phone or mobile device and you can choose to log completion as well as record your symptoms. If you choose to log your completion, we can view this information, to make sure you’re on track but also to adjust the programme if there are difficulties perform a particular movement – it’s easily modified, so that there’s no loss of interest as most programme will have after 2 weeks of the same exercise. Instructions are very clear once the programme has been created and you will receive an email directly from Physitrack. This will require a password of your choosing which you can then view your programme and record your daily results by logging your progress.