Exercise for Kids – Easy Exercises to Encouraging Staying Active In Your Home

Exercise for Kids – Easy Exercises to Encouraging Staying Active In Your Home

With all of the great games from the Australian Open over the last couple of weeks, we’re definitely feeling encouraged to go play a few rounds on the tennis court! Tennis is a great activity to help keep our families fit, active and get the muscles moving. But what about other activities that we can do with our kids – or encourage them to do – that doesn’t require a court or sports equipment?

After the awesome response we received from the video of our Senior Podiatrist Justin Kalopa creating an at-home obstacle course for his son, Charlie, we thought we’d give you some exercises that you can easily do at home for your kids too – and join in! If you want to check out the video, the link is here: https://www.facebook.com/SoleMotionPodiatry/videos/261040651266154/

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1. Hip-bridges

Kids can do this lying on their backs with their knees bent, and their arms either down by their sides or up behind them if they’re game. Keep repeating moving the hips up and down.

2. Superman

Lying down on your stomach, hold your arms and legs up and move them up and down repeatedly. You can even belt out the Superman theme song.

3. Planks

Lie down on your stomach and go up on your toes and forearms. Encourage kids to keep their body straight and time how long you both can go for!

4. Star-jumps

An oldie but such a goodie for getting the whole body moving. As you jump moving your arms and legs up and out, keep them straight and try to get the legs out wide. See who can go the widest and fastest!

5. Cartwheels

Practice makes perfect with this one! Start low and build up the courage to do a full cartwheel. Encourage kids to keep trying because it’s great for their upper body strength, balance and coordination.

6. Burpees

Start standing upright, bend down so that your hands are flat on the ground and knees bent, jump backwards so the feet are flat behind you (like a push-up position), jump back so that your feet are back to your arms, and stand up again. Keep it going and see who can do it the fastest!

7. Calf Raises

Otherwise known as tip-toes, move up onto the toes and hold it steady and balanced. Lower back down and repeat. You could even try throwing a ball or other object between one another while you’re on your toes!

8. Leg Raises

Lying on one side, raise your free leg up as high as you can, with the free arm in front of you. Repeat 10-15 times and swap sides. Keep the moving leg straight!

9. Squat Jumps

It’s just as good for kids as it is for adults. Squat down by bending the knees and moving from standing to bending the knees down while keeping your back straight. Then jump up in the air – you can even clap while you’re at the top or do a high/low five!

10. Crab Crawls – Bear Crawls

Having your feet on the ground, bend down and put your arms behind you so you’re balanced over your arms and legs. Start moving around and race!


That’s just 10 exercises – but there are plenty more and you can even make your own moves up or set up a regular circuit! What we love about these activities is that they’re easy, free and makes great, fun family time!


If your kids do need any help with their exercises, aches, pains or anything to do with their healthy lower limb development, come in and see our team at Sole Motion Podiatry. We love helping families stay healthy and active. You can give us a call on 1300-FX-FEET or book online here.

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