Have You Claimed Your Orthotic Rebate This Year?

Have You Claimed Your Orthotic Rebate This Year?



We get it. Orthotics are great. But switching them from shoe to shoe – that isn’t so great.


If you’ve wanted to get a new pair of orthotics that you can permanently keep in a pair of shoes – or you’ve got new shoes, but you’re orthotics aren’t fitting quite right – now is the perfect time. With only weeks before the end of the year, you only have a small window left to claim your no or low* gap orthotics if you haven’t already this year.


Patients love getting multiple pairs of orthotics because:


  • They can get them made and fitted for a different kind of shoe, like a narrow soccer boot or a higher heel 
  • When you alternate orthotics instead of wearing them continuously, you increase the lifespan of both pairs because they get a chance to ‘recover’ instead of constant compression
  • You can opt for an activity-specific top cover – like one that is more moisture absorbant for sports shoes, or leather for a sleek cover for business shoes
  • You stop having to move them from shoe to shoe
  • If the dog gets to them (trust us, it’s more common than you think), you have a backup!


So if you haven’t yet taken advantage of your health fund rebate to help optimise your foot health and comfort, now’s the time! You can give us a call and request an identical second pair over the phone, given that your current orthotics are working perfectly, and come in for a fitting appointment when you pick them up. If you have any questions, give us a call on 1300-FX-FEET, and as with all good things, don’t forget to read the T’s & C’s below.




Terms & Conditions

  • Applies to all custom-made orthotics only
  • NO GAP offers on orthotics are subject to patient’s health fund policy, annual limits, policy rules, the patient having the appropriate level of extras cover and health fund rebate processing through HICAPS at the time of the appointment
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to check their eligibility and rebate entitlement with their health fund for the financial year in question prior to ordering their orthotics, and is not the responsibility of Sole Motion Podiatry. Any orthotics ordered where the patient is ineligible for a rebate must be paid in full.
  • This is valid for existing patients only that already have orthotics for medical and beneficial reasons, and are needing a second pair. New patients will need a full biomechanical appointment, and their health fund entitlements may vary according to their health fund.

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