September 20, 2017
Cricket Injury Clinic Point Cook

Injuries in Cricket: What we can learn from the past decade of Australian Cricket

Cricket season is fast approaching and we’re pumped! If you’re a cricket fan like us, and [...]
September 19, 2017
Common Tennis Injury Point-Cook

Tennis Injuries & You! Common injuries and helpful tips!

Tennis involves quick side to side motion, quick starts and stops and is played on a variety [...]
September 14, 2017
Common Rugby Injuries Point Cook

Worried about Rugby Injuries? Then this is for you!

So we checked the NRL injuries tally ahead of the Finals draw this weekend. The result? [...]
September 12, 2017
Common Soccer Injuries

Have you been injured in soccer this season? Here’s what you need to know!

Soccer is a well-loved sport across the globe that provides a great form of exercise, improves [...]