The BS Brace For Ingrown Toenails – Everything You Need To Know!

The BS Brace For Ingrown Toenails – Everything You Need To Know!


If you’ve ever had problems with ingrown or very curved (involuted) nails, then we’re very excited to tell you about the BS brace. This small, almost invisible but powerful brace is applied across the nail and works to bring up the troublesome edges and work to produce a straighter nail to relieve your pain and discomfort both now and in the years to come! Because with any new device or treatment comes questions, we thought we’d ask them to our BS brace specialist, John, to give you the podiatrist insight into what you can expect with this great device.



What are the things that you love most about the BS Brace treatment?

The BS brace can be used for a variety of clinical cases and it has no side-effects for the right candidates. The procedure is quick, relatively painless, and is well tolerated by all age groups – from children to the elderly.


What things are patients most surprised with after or during the brace treatment (or application process)?

When most people hear the word ‘brace’, they think of a metal brace that looks ‘ugly’ and uncomfortable. In contrast, the BS brace is made from a transparent fibreglass that is unnoticeable from a distance. The BS brace is also very thin and comfortable.


What feedback or comments to you often receive after the treatment?

The most common feedback I hear is when the patient “can’t feel a thing” as the painful ingrown nail is effectively controlled.


Do you feel this treatment makes a significant impact on patients lives?

Ingrown toenails and pincer toenails can have a significant impact on the quality of life because painful toes can restrict mobility and prevent us from doing activities we like to do. Nail bracing can be a great treatment option for people who have recurrent ingrown toenail issues, severe nail involution, or those who do not want surgical options.

Give us a rundown of the procedure (application and the weeks/months following)

1. The nail is prepared by smoothing any rough surface area and applying antiseptics

2. The nail size is measured for reference (to see its progression in the nail shape over the time) and nail brace size is measured

3. The brace is applied to the nail

4. The edges of the brace are filed to reduce the chance of socks or hosiery catching on the brace

5. A sealant is applied on the top and we wait for 2-3 minutes for it to dry

6. Once the brace is on, we need to keep it dry for minimum 8 hours, particularly avoiding hot showers

7. Return in 4 weeks for a review and reapplication of the brace; this may repeat depending on the goal of the treatment – i.e. nail shape change or ingrown toenail treatment


Who gets the best results from the BS brace in your experience?

People who have recurrent ingrown toenail pain but don’t have severe swelling or inflammation or infection of the toe. Also, those with involuted/incurvated/pincer toenails.


If you have other questions or would like to learn more about the BS brace, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team! You can give us a call on 1300-FX-FEET, or request an appointment online here.

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