Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Has Completely Changed Our Clinic. Here’s Why!


It all started less than one month ago when our Senior Podiatrist, Justin, undertook some extensive training in Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF). Now, just to clarify – learning ANF is not something that any practitioner can just learn at any time. The courses are relatively far and few between, with the same company covering training around the world – and no further Melbourne training dates in the calendar at this stage until the end of the year. It is a real honour (and privilege) to have had the opportunity to train and offer this service to our patients – and to now be just one of two Podiatry clinics across Melbourne to be qualified in delivering this incredible therapy.

So, what exactly is ANF?

ANF-THERAPY-2012-logo-smallANF is a treatment for pain, inflammation and all of the many consequences of inflammation that can affect pretty much every tissue, muscle and organ in your body. Translated, it can get down to the cause of the problems you’re experiencing, instead of attempting to superficially manage or hide the symptoms (like with pain-killers, massage, and the like).


We read someone else describing it with a pretty cool analogy, though we’ve changed it up a bit. They said that massaging a sore muscle is like comforting a kid that gets bullied at school after he has been bullied. Giving him comfort and helping him to feel better doesn’t change the fact that it’s not his fault that this has happened – and it’s the bully that is causing this. The comfort won’t change the fact that the bully can – and likely will – continue to make his life hell. It is the bully that needs to be dealt with much higher up in the hierarchy. ANF is designed to deal with that bully – aaand anything that has caused the bully to become the way that he is.


And how does it work, specifically?

Every organ and tissue in your body have a specific resonance frequency by which they operate optimally. This isn’t anything new – you can Google your heart away and read all about it – for example here.

ANF uses discs that match the optimum frequency of the affected areas – and the surrounding areas – and the areas responsible for the painful areas much further up in the hierarchy. By restoring optimum function and balance throughout the body, you reduce inflammation and in turn, pain.


And here’s the kick –

ANF discsYou feel the results almost instantly. In our experience, anywhere between thirty seconds and twenty minutes for a noticeable improvement in pain – during which time we haven’t touched you – aside from the initial palpation to identify the irritable nerve site and then carefully and strategically applying the discs.

Honestly, as practitioners grounded in science and clinical evidence we were a little skeptical too when we first heard about this and read about this. But after experiencing it for ourselves – and using it on patients and our own families – we now swear by it.

We know, right!

Since starting offering this treatment, aside from the massive number of bookings we’re getting specifically for this treatment, we are also seeing the fastest results that we have ever seen with such a variety of problems. Ever.


And it’s not just the feet or legs

The training we receive on ANF treatment is a full week of working, learning and doing – solely on ANF and the whole body. Back pain, shoulder pain and any other upper body problems – we can treat these too. The only thing we don’t treat is the mind.


Let’s get started

If you’re ready to start ANF therapy then we can’t wait for you to experience it and feel the results! The easiest way to book in with us is to use our online booking system here. If you have any questions about ANF, just give us a call or send us a message via our Facebook page here.


I want to know more!

We know – and we have so much more to share with you! We’re getting busy writing all about it and will share more info about ANF with you next week – it’s going to be all about which conditions we treat and the low-down of the four stages of ANF therapy and what you can expect! Stay tuned –


– The Sole Motion Podiatry Team

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