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Great foot care gives you back the freedom to live the life you love. It allows you to maintain your health by being able to stay active and happy on your feet. It’s the difference between you enjoying a day in the park with your kids, taking an evening stroll with your loved one, beating a personal best - or being hindered by pain or discomfort with every step. This is exactly why Sole Motion started back in 2014 and it’s the driving force behind everything we do. It’s why we:

  • Provide state-of-the art treatment solutions, equipment and procedures
  • Invest in highly effective and emerging technologies such as laser therapy for pain relief
  • Always listen and understand your goals, values and priorities
  • Position ourselves within multidisciplinary centres so you get timely and easy access to all elements of healthcare that you need
  • Don’t just treat the problem or pain, but implement long-term solutions to stop it from recurring
  • Have a holistic approach to healthcare, grounded in the knowledge that functional feet are the cornerstone to a healthy foundation, good posture and sound human kinetics

Improved performance and comfort
has no age limit

We work with patients striving to their achieve goals and feeling great on their feet at every age. Whether your little one is just learning to walk, you want to run a marathon, or the last 80 years have taken their toll and you’d like to feel more comfortable on your feet again, we’ve got you covered. We work to reduce pain, increase comfort, repair injuries, improve performance, optimise the way you move and help you live your best life.

meet the team

Dr. Justin Kalopa

It is Justin’s passion for seeing his patients feeling their best on their feet, combined with the desire to offer his community the best in podiatric techniques and technology, that was the driving force behind Sole Motion Podiatry. Uncompromising excellence in podiatric care is what Justin set out to achieve, and he’s done just that with Sole Motion now being an integral part of superior lower limb care in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. Justin’s passion and drive has cultivated a warm, friendly and innovative culture at Sole Motion that both patients and staff love being a part of.

Justin’s comprehensive knowledge about the human body stems not only from his qualifications in Podiatry and Health Science, but also from his extensive background in sports massage and soft tissue injuries. Here he had the privilege to work with a variety of athlete’s from various fields and make a large difference to their performance, their recovery, and their lives.

Justin is also a devoted husband and proud dad to two young boys, Charlie and Micah, who keep him very busy when he’s not at work!

Dr. John Seo

John loves seeing the improvement in his patients’ lives from receiving excellent care for their feet. He is a strong believer of the vital roles that feet play in our lives - they keep us active, healthy, doing the things we love and going anywhere we want to go.

John’s passion for working with people to improve their health was first sparked in high school, where he did voluntary work at a hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. After experiencing the effect that multiple foot injuries and painful ingrown toenails had on his own life, John became very interested in the field of Podiatry and being able to help others suffering from foot and ankle pain like he once did himself.

John has a special interest in chronic foot pain management and rehabilitation, as well as the effects of foot posture and weakness to knee and hip injuries. He has an extensive understanding of the musculoskeletal system of the lower limbs and its biomechanical functioning, which is perfectly complemented by his background in biomedical science. John enjoys learning about and implementing innovative and alternative treatments for patients that have not had success with the traditional, standard treatments and loves the positive impact this has on his patients lives and pain levels.

John trained in New Zealand and was previously working as a Senior Podiatrist in Sydney before joining the Sole Motion team. John loves a good challenge with complex clinical cases, and is currently pursuing further training in clinical rehabilitation, research, and pharmacology.

Outside of work, John is an active outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, soccer, tennis, scuba diving and photography.

Join Our Team!

We love working with podiatrists that are motivated, passionate, enthusiastic and love what they do - and we hope you do too! We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team and add to our dynamic culture.

Please be aware, if you’re looking for a workplace where you can mundanely come in, clip a few toenails, ask a few people how their days are going and be done, then this won’t be the right environment for you.

We’re known for our passion, our commitment to clinical excellence, for going above and beyond for our patients to get the best clinical outcomes - and for generally be awesome and caring people. We don’t just say hi, we build relationships with our patients. We get excited about up-skilling and using these new skills and techniques to improve the recovery, and lives, of our patients.

We want to keep building our team of podiatrists that challenge and encourage one another to pursue being the best in the field. Those that aren’t set in their ways but are eager to learn and embrace new research and technologies. That’s why we invest in things like low-level laser therapy and neurostimulation.

We believe that a great working relationship develops when the culture and values of the business lines up with that of the team. If you want to know more about the Sole Motion difference and if we’re the right fit for one another, you can read about our difference here The Sole Motion Difference

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