Welcome to Sole motion

Great foot care gives you back the freedom to live the life you love. It allows you to maintain your health by being able to stay active and happy on your feet. It’s the difference between you enjoying a day in the park with your kids, taking an evening stroll with your loved one, beating a personal best - or being hindered by pain or discomfort with every step. This is exactly why Sole Motion started back in 2014 and it’s the driving force behind everything we do. It’s why we:

  • Provide state-of-the art treatment solutions, equipment and procedures
  • Invest in highly effective and emerging technologies such as laser therapy for pain relief
  • Always listen and understand your goals, values and priorities
  • Position ourselves within multidisciplinary centres so you get timely and easy access to all elements of healthcare that you need
  • Don’t just treat the problem or pain, but implement long-term solutions to stop it from recurring
  • Have a holistic approach to healthcare, grounded in the knowledge that functional feet are the cornerstone to a healthy foundation, good posture and sound human kinetics

meet the team

Justin Kalopa

It is Justin’s passion for seeing his patients feeling their best on their feet, combined with the desire to offer his community the best in podiatric techniques and technology, that was the driving force behind Sole Motion Podiatry. Uncompromising excellence in podiatric care is what Justin set out to achieve, and he’s done just that with Sole Motion now being an integral part of superior lower limb care in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. Justin’s passion and drive has cultivated a warm, friendly and innovative culture at Sole Motion that both patients and staff love being a part of.

Justin’s comprehensive knowledge about the human body stems not only from his qualifications in Podiatry and Health Science, but also from his extensive background in sports massage and soft tissue injuries. Here he had the privilege to work with a variety of athlete’s from various fields and make a large difference to their performance, their recovery, and their lives.

Justin is also a devoted husband and proud dad to two young boys, Charlie and Micah, who keep him very busy when he’s not at work!

Kylie Latu

Kylie is an enthusiastic and passionate podiatrist that has always known that she wanted a career helping others care for their health and well-being. With plenty of experience in both public and private podiatry sectors under her belt, Kylie has excelled in all realms of foot and leg care since graduating in 2007 - and has even shared her skills as a clinical educator for podiatry students at LaTrobe University.

Have a muscular or sports-related injury? You’re in luck. Kylie has a special interest in sports injury management for all levels of ability, from the busy “weekend warrior” who juggles time for exercise/training with their many other life commitments, women taking those first tentative, sleep-deprived, steps in returning to sport after pregnancy, to the elite level athlete, where top physical condition & quality injury recovery means everything to them.

Inside the clinic, Kylie loves seeing people’s foot health conditions improve, helping them maintain and improve their mobility, reduce pain, or eradicate those gnarly toenail problems. For Kylie, it’s always a pleasure to see someone that limps in with a painful corn, walk out with immediate pain relief and a newfound skip in their step.

Outside of the clinic, Kylie is a bookworm at heart, has a strong interest in psychology and mental health, is a keen triathlon-er, loves getaways with her husband and girls, and you can bet that she’s constantly fuelled by coffee.

Mike Tiu

Mike is a talented podiatrist with a wealth of experience, having previously been the head podiatrist and clinic director, where he won the Manningham Business Excellence Award (MBEA) before moving on to join the Sole Motion team.

Mike is much loved by his patients due to his caring nature and willingness to go above and beyond to help get his patients back on their feet. His values are centred around utmost integrity and care, and he has a lifelong commitment to learning and improving his skills in podiatry so he can best help his patients.

Mike loves helping those suffering from heel pain, finding it very rewarding to see their progress week by week, easing their pain, and helping them meet their goals and get back to doing the activities they love without pain.

Outside of work, Mike prioritises his family and enjoys fishing and keeping fit. He loves a good book and to cook a delicious meal. He can also lick his elbow!

Luke Stevens

Luke is a talented Podiatrist and Exercise Scientist with a passion for everything sports-related, from his own personal achievements to helping others excel, recover and stay injury-free in these fields.

Luke’s approach to caring for his patients combines an innovative, evidence-based treatment approach with compassion, loyalty and integrity. He loves seeing the joy and excitement of his patients achieving their goals, both in their treatment and in their life, and regaining the capacity to live a quality lifestyle without pain. Luke loves a good challenge or a tough case when it comes to his patients, seeing it as a fantastic opportunity to learn and find the best way to care for their needs.

In his own sporting career, Luke is a nationally ranked athlete, a three-time state champion over 400m in athletics track and field, and has represented Australia three times. His goal is to represent Australia at the Olympic Games. He is also a self-proclaimed sneakerhead - he loves to collect shoes - and has a keen interest in vintage cars.

Improved performance and comfort
has no age limit

We work with patients striving to their achieve goals and feeling great on their feet at every age. Whether your little one is just learning to walk, you want to run a marathon, or the last 80 years have taken their toll and you’d like to feel more comfortable on your feet again, we’ve got you covered. We work to reduce pain, increase comfort, repair injuries, improve performance, optimise the way you move and help you live your best life.