August 31, 2017
Orthotics podiatrists Point Cook

The Truth Behind Orthotics!

what's going on and do orthotics really work? Sole Motion Podiatry has your answers! [...]
August 29, 2017
podiatrist point cook

The Sole Motion Difference!

What gets you up in the morning on a workday? For us, it's the knowledge that we can [...]
August 24, 2017
Laser Therapy Point Cook

Laser Therapy for Sports Injuries – What’s it all about?

At Sole Motion Podiatry we are VERY excited about Laser Therapy and the massive changes [...]
August 22, 2017
Low Level Laser Therapy Point Cook

Here’s how everyone from Olympic athletes, NIKE, leading sports teams and even…

Every day, our clinic is packed with muscular and sports injuries. We used to hear countless [...]