The #1 Thongs We’ll Actually Recommend

The #1 Thongs We’ll Actually Recommend

For years we would have told you to avoid thongs at all costs if you have foot pain, discomfort or an injury to your lower limbs. But things have changed massively – and now we couldn’t be happier to stock the world’s comfiest (and importantly, Podiatrist-approved) thongs.


Introducing: Archies

Designed by physiotherapists right here in Melbourne, Archies offer much more support and benefits than any other thongs we’ve come across. We’d never recommend anything to our patients that we wouldn’t recommend to our family or do/try ourselves, so we did. We wore our Archies for a whole weekend, inside and outside the house, for hours at a time. 


So comfortable, painless and no awkward rubbing. Because what’s the good of having an amazing thong if no-one feels good wearing it, right? We also love that they’re guaranteed to have no blowouts where the strap breaks off. Archies are a one-piece design, and are proclaimed by the company to be  “virtually indestructible”.


Now that we’ve clarified why we’re happy to recommend them, let’s mention a few of the in-built features and benefits. We love that Archies have:

  • Orthotic-grade arch support for an optimal foot posture and pressure distribution
  • Tighter straps to reduce ‘toe clawing’ (when you grip your toes tightly to the bottom of your thong)
  • A slightly elevated heel to reduce the strain on your calves
  • Provides much better support for conditions like heel pain (plantar fasciitis) when you can’t wear normal footwear and orthotics
  • A soft and comfortable material from heel to toe
  • All of this while looking like a normal, good pair of thongs


Want to try on a pair of Archies? Come see us during opening hours to feel them for yourself!


When should you wear orthotic thongs?

The next question posed by our family members when we got them their Archies was: So, you’re telling me that you recommend that I wear these all the time?

To which we answered: The more you wear them instead of wearing flat, unsupportive thongs (or bare feet), the better. They’re great for inside the house, outside the house, at the beach – everywhere! 

Now, if you have foot pain and are currently wearing orthotics, we still recommend that you wear these when you’re exercising, going for walks, and the like. But when you’re unable to wear your normal orthotics, yes please! These are a great option.



Will these thongs help get rid of my foot or leg pain?

If you’ve got foot or leg pain, Archies can help your recovery. But. They are not a standalone treatment and don’t replace seeking treatment from a health professional. By keeping your foot and arch supported throughout your recovery, it is likely that you’ll recover faster and have fewer setbacks than if you were walking around unsupported and overloading your injured muscles, tendons, ligaments or bones.


The best thing you can do if you suspect that you have an injury or are experiencing any pain or discomfort when you walk is to book in with your podiatrist. Here at Sole Motion Podiatry, we have a fantastic and experienced team that offer a number of innovative solutions for pain and injury – from custom orthotics to laser treatment to ANF treatment for fast-acting pain relief.

Ready to book your appointment? Click here or call us on 1300-FX-FEET.


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